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Director Hakob Grigoryan    

LTD "Galik" was founded in 1997. After the reconstruction and refurbishment of the plant was restarted in 1998 and produces lime as the main products. Back in 1924, was based on lime production plant, where lime is obtained in semihomed conditions through field stoves. Since 1933 the plant as a unit subordinate to the cement plant. In the same year at the plant for the production of lime was founded a laboratory, which controlled not only the quality of the finished product, but also the main production processes and stages: splitting of raw materials, sorting, roasting, primary crushing and crushing. The main raw material of lime is a lime stone, which determines the quality of products. Ararat lime stone is different purity and homogeneity.


The old breed has excellent production qualities. Technology of production of lime significantly refreshed. The main field was replaced by blast furnaces, the production processes are automated, resulting in increased productivity and product quality. CaO, which is the main component of quality in our products, reaches 96%. Through investments in current production capacity is 12000 tons per year.
During its existence the plant lime contributed to the construction area of the country.
The company currently meets the need of agricultural lime, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, as well as the food industry.